SoundMatrix Home Page

SoundMatrix is an iPhone application which you can use to create 16 note musical sequeces on your iPhone. Touch the matrix of cells to add notes to the sequence which will repeat indefinitely. This is best done thoughtfully one note at a time though swipes and "mutitouch" will work.

When you've created a masterwork, use the "Email" button to send it to your friends who will be able to load and play it in SoundMatrix or download the wave file using the link provided. To get a download link you will need to give your piece a name which will also upload it into the SoundMatrix Gallery.

If you have a piece in ToneMatrix format you would like to play click here to create an email link to send to your iPhone to play it:

If you wold like to upload a ".wav" file for use in SoundMatrix, use the form below to create an email link:

Wave file to Upload: Semitone shift: Volume change:

For more information on creating wave packs click here. The basic screens are below.
Contact us using if you have any problems or suggestions for improvements.

Creating Ringtones:
When you have a piece you would like to use as a ringtone email the composition to the computer you use to sync your iPhone and use download link in the email to save the "soundmatrix.wav" file to disk.

Load this file into your iTunes Music Library then right-click and chose "Create AAC Version" to convert the wave file into a format which can be used as a ringtone.

To turn this new file into a ringtone select "Show in Finder(or Explorer on windows)" and duplicate the ".m4a" file and rename the copy to have the extension ".m4r". Drag the renamed file onto the Ringtones folder an iTunes, sync and it should turn up as a custom ringtone on your phone!

John H, April 2009.