SoundMatrix Wave Packs

Wave Packs are zip files which contain sets of windows ".wav" files that can be loaded into SoundMatrix. The contents of the zip file are files named 1.wav, 2.wav, etc. for each of the 23 channels that SoundMatrix supports. Alternatively a wave pack can contain a single wave file "0.wav" which will be resampled by the application to the SoundMatrix intervals.

There are three ways to load wave packs. Specify the URL of your zip wave pack containing up to 23 channels or a .wav file to be resampled on the form on the previous page and press "Upload" to load the pack into SoundMatrix. Otherwise if your wave file is on your PC you can go to and use the form on this page to upload it to our servers. This creates an email link you should send to your phone to open it in SoundMatrix.

One you have loaded your wave pack - if you post to the gallery or email it to your friends it will be available for them to download, use and hear.